Terms & Conditions

Last updated: December 2022

  1. Who is Airwander and what does it do?
  2. In these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), “Airwander,” “we,” “our” and ‘us’ refer to QuestOrganizer Inc., registered in Delaware, USA, and “you” and “your” refer to you, the user of Airwander Website (henceforth “Website”).

    Airwander is a flight metasearch engine providing flight search results to users throughout the world via airwander.com website.

    Airwander is not a travel agency and is not responsible for prices set by, transactions and customer service related to any of the travel products (flights, hotels, etc.) of the Third Party Companies (“Third Parties”) which you can find on our Website . All such travel products are provided by independent travel agents, airlines or other Third Parties, and are subject to the terms and conditions of those Third Parties.

    The Third Parties’ terms and conditions will define your rights and their accountability to you in case if something goes wrong. You agree to accept in full all the Third Parties’ terms and conditions. You should ensure that you read and fully understand the Third Parties’ terms and conditions applicable to your booking before completing your booking.

    Airwander only facilitates bookings with Third Parties by redirecting you to the corresponding booking pages with Third Parties. Thus, you do not book flights directly on our Website. Therefore, we are not responsible and have no liability to you in respect of such bookings. Airwander is not responsible for changes, cancellations or any other requests related to your bookings or tickets.

    Airwander creates combinations of flights (henceforth “Combinations”) to create savings for our users. Combinations often consist of multiple booking options by different providers (travel agents or airlines). When booking a Combination, you are required to confirm that all booking links work and that all relevant flights are still available, the dates and times of the flights do not overlap, and you have sufficient time to connect for all flights included in your flight itinerary. Confirmation of those flight details should be done before booking a flight. Airwander is not responsible for any overlapping flights or missed connections.

    Combinations may involve a self-transfer. You may need to check in separately for each connecting flight, as well as collect your luggage and check it for the next flight. You may be required to pass through security and passport control during each connection, and the visa may be required depending on a country. It is your responsibility to make sure there is enough time to connect for the flights. Any events that may occur post booking (any missed connections, flight delays or cancellations) are not the responsibility of Airwander.

  3. These Terms
  4. Kindly read these Terms and conditions before using our Website. Please do not use our Website if you do not accept these Terms.

    It is in our discretion to modify these Terms at any time. Then, the amended version will be published by us. If you continue using our websites after the modified Terms have been made available to the users, you will be deemed to have agreed to any amendments. It is in your interest to review these Terms regularly. If at any time you become displeased with our website for any reason, you are advised to stop using our website.

  5. Using Airwander Website
  6. You may only use Airwander website in consent with all applicable laws and only for legitimate purposes. Granted your agreement to these Terms, we allow you to use Airwander Website only for your personal, non-commercial purposes. The usage of Our Website is possible on the grounds of your agreeing that you shall not:

    1. reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise decompile any code, application or software, available via Airwander Website;
    2. use any automated software, application or computer program in order to scrape, copy or otherwise abuse the Airwander Website;
    3. disrupt the operation of Airwander Website with any types of viruses, malicious software or spam attacks;
    4. obstruct the operation of Airwander Website in any way that may damage the Website’s security or systems or prevent the usage of Airwander by Airwander users in agreement with these Terms;
    5. use Our Website for any purpose that is against the law, or breaching any third party’s rights including trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights;
    6. use Our Website for any commercial purpose or in any manner which may cause harm to Airwander.
  7. Airwander’s Proprietary Rights
  8. All intellectual property rights including trade secretes, patents, know-how, database rights, branding, business names, design rights, artworks, copyright and rights of confidence are owned by or licensed by Airwander. By using Our Website, you agree that you will not be granted any rights to Airwander’s intellectual property except for the limited license to use them specified by these Terms.

  9. Modifications and Limitations of the Website
  10. We make a reasonable effort to ensure that Our Website is operational, and you will have a positive experience of searching for flights on Airwander. However, as you have been granted exclusive access to our Website before the official launch of Airwander to the public, our Website features and their availability may be subject to changes without liability to you. The changes will mostly refer to the upgrades of user experience and features we provide, and bugs that may arise on a temporary basis as a result of such an upgrade. We aim at improving Our Website, and as a result we may modify, add or remove (temporarily or permanently) various parts of Airwander Website.

    In addition to the aspects mentioned above, Airwander has no liability for temporary interruptions which may occur due to maintenance issues, testing or technical complications in our infrastructure or our partners’ and providers’ infrastructure. Furthermore, we are not liable for any issues related to the services we provide which are the result of the authorities’ or other third parties’ undertakings, internet or other services’ failures, blackouts, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

    Price Accuracy Disclaimer

    Prices other than flight results, such as in Flights Calendar, on Anywhere Page, on Bonus City Page, are estimates. Our price estimates are the best predictions we can provide based on the data we have access to. Prices in currencies other than USD displayed on our Website may slightly differ from the prices displayed on the Third Parties’ websites due to applicable conversion rates. Hence, Airwander cannot guarantee the accuracy of prices displayed and cannot be held responsible for any inconsistencies.

  11. Airwander Club Membership
  12. Creating an Airwander account

    Before an official launch of our Website to the public, the access to our Website may be granted to the users who subscribed with their email addresses to our waiting list for Airwander updates via airwander.com. As this access is exclusive, you will be required to create an account using the exact same email that you used when signing up for a waiting list on airwander.com to be able to access Airwander. Using other emails will not be possible before the official launch of Airwander Website.

    Airwander cannot be held responsible for any email addresses that have been added to the list without the email address’ owner agreement. Each user will be granted an option to unsubscribe from emails about Airwander updates, available in the footer of each email. Your email address and password should be kept confidential. You understand that you are accountable for all use of your email address and password, including any unauthorized use.

    Creating an Airwander account is free of charge, while accessing certain features requires payment before they can become available to users (“Paid Subscription”).

    Paid Subscription

    You can purchase a Paid Subscription directly on Airwander Website to receive access to the features available only to Airwander Premium users (“Premium Features”). Each user of Our Website can become a Premium user if they meet all the criteria listed below:

    • you agree to fully comply with these Terms;
    • you have created or will create an account with Airwander;
    • you have provided a valid payment method that is accepted by Airwander, which will be used to charge you with a subscription fee, granting you access to Airwander Premium Features for the duration of your subscription.

    The Paid Subscription will be charged on an annual basis. The price of the Paid Subscription displayed on Our Website does not include tax. Tax will be added to the subscription price depending on the tax requirements in your country, territory, city, etc. The payments for Paid Subscriptions, taxes, storing payment details and checking the validity of payment methods provided are handled by Stripe, Inc (“Stripe”). By purchasing a Paid Subscription on the Airwander Website you agree to Stripe Services Agreement and Stripe’s Privacy Policy. If you do not accept Stripe Services Agreement and Stripe’s Privacy Policy, please do not provide any of your payment details on Our Website.

    Airwander has a right to change the price for the Paid Subscription and amend the period of Subscription duration. We will communicate any changes to the Paid Subscriptions in advance. Your current Subscription will not be affected - the changes will take effect at the beginning of your next Subscription period that follows the change of price or duration. In accordance with the applicable regulations, if you continue using our Website in a capacity of Airwander Premium user with a Paid Subscription, we will deem you to have accepted and agreed to the changes in price or duration of a Paid Subscription. If you do not agree with price or duration changes applied by us to a Paid Subscription, you can cancel your Paid Subscription prior to the then-next billing date displayed in your account

    Cancellation of a Paid Subscription

    Unless you cancel your Paid Subscription until the end of the then-current subscription period, you will be automatically charged at the end of your subscription period to renew your access to Premium Features. In order to cancel your Paid Subscription, you must sign in to your Airwander account, proceed to the section with Your Membership and select the option to cancel. The cancellation will go into effect on the following day after the last day of your then-current subscription period. Until then, you will keep having access to the Premium Features. On the following day after the effective cancellation of your Paid Subscription, your Airwander account will be downgraded to basic level, and you will lose access to the Premium Features. Without a Paid Subscription, you will still be able to use Our Website for free with a limited scope of features.

    We do not provide refunds for any partial or incomplete subscription periods.

    If you proceed to delete your Airwander account with or without cancelling your Paid Subscription, we will terminate your Paid Subscription with immediate effect. While you can create a new account with Airwander, your terminated Paid Subscription cannot be reactivated. In order to receive access to premium features, you will need to create a new Paid Subscription.