Meet Airwander

the ultimate flight search tool

Illustration of a group of travel experts & digital nomads who represent the team of Airwander, a travel planning platform that helps travelers with cheap flights to anywhere, alongside trip planning and vacation planning

For travelers by travelers

Our founders met up at the Burning Man festival and went on an 8-month trip across South America.

  • A journey of a lifetime on a budget? Sure!
  • Hours spent hacking flights & creating iconic routes? That’s right!
  • Did they come out of it with an idea of a wanderlust flight tool for independent travelers which allows you to see more & save on your trip? Hell, yes!

In a nutshell, this is how we made a brand-new flight metasearch come to life. We now have a crew of 5 dedicated people from 5 countries & 3 continents who improve it every day. So what’s so special about Airwander? We find what nobody else can - Bonus Cities!

Illustration of a world with dotted lines representing cheap flight routes. This image represents Airwander's ability to offer multi-city flights and stopovers, making it easy for travelers to plan and book their trips thanks to maximizing layovers a.k.a. stopovers a.k.a. bonus cities

What’s a bonus city, and why will you fall in love with it?

As one of our fans once said if you’re reading this right now, please know that you’ve inspired us a lot!, a Bonus City is a joyful delay of undiscovered adventure on the way to my ultimate destination.

In other words, adding a bonus city to your trip on Airwander means:

  • Visiting an extra destination or multiple!
  • Not spending a fortune on flights or doing it for free!
  • Saving tons of time to create a technically complex but User-friendly itinerary and saving it in your account!
  • We’re making sure your trip still fits your schedule and can suggest how to improve it!

What’s Airwander Club & how can I join?

We’ve built a really cool flight metasearch or so we think :). We hope to build a community around it and we need some sort of financial sustainability to keep Airwander afloat for a long time.

  • Can you still use our website & find cheap flights & create amazing trips for free? Sure!
  • Does Premium Membership give you access to more awesome features, like direct links to airlines & unlimited bonus city possibilities? That’s right!
  • Is becoming a Premium Club Member affordable & totally worth it? Hell, yeah!

Anyone is welcome to Airwander Club! There’s a small annual membership fee, so no worries there. All relevant info will be available on Join Us page.