Meet Airwander

Finding cheap flights with stopovers made easy

Illustration of a group of travel experts & digital nomads who represent the team of Airwander, a travel planning platform that helps travelers with cheap flights to anywhere, alongside trip planning and vacation planning

A decade of discovering stopovers on cheap flights to anywhere!

Ever been stuck at your screen, switching back and forth between tabs to find that perfect flight connection? Yeah, us too. Our journey began at Burning Man, then led us across South America for 8 months, and amidst endless flight hacks and dream routes, Airwander was born. We started with a mission: to bust the myth that finding cheap flights is hard and time-consuming. And we figured out that by combining flights separately you get to travel a lot more!

A small but mighty team keeps this dream alive. Currently, it's four and a half passionate souls behind the scenes, working tirelessly. Even our founder wears many hats, all to ensure Airwander meets your needs. We've clung to our vision of cheap tickets to anywhere, even when the waves got rough. Because for us, living without Airwander isn't an option. It makes sure the adventure never stops, and the hunt for budget-friendly flights is always on. Every piece of feedback you share helps us steer Airwander in the right direction, growing alongside you.

Illustration of a world with dotted lines representing cheap flight routes. This image represents Airwander's ability to offer multi-city flights and stopovers, making it easy for travelers to plan and book their trips thanks to maximizing layovers a.k.a. stopovers a.k.a. bonus cities

Why you should book your first budget Sky Cruise right away

Tired of choosing between destinations? With Airwander, you don't have to. Ever heard of a flexible Sky Cruise with bonus cities? Imagine adding extra destinations to your trip at no extra cost… Welcome to the world of Airwander. It's not just about finding cheap flights; it's about enriching your travel experience. Here's how we make magic happen:

In other words, adding a bonus city to your trip on Airwander means:

  1. You start with a basic trip or choose the cheapest flights to anywhere you want.
  2. We give you the tools to build mind-blowing Sky Cruises by finding the cheapest stopover options along your journey.
  3. You pick the optimal itinerary out of flight connections that didn’t exist before and tweak it to perfectly fit your needs.
  4. We offer you different ways to book your sky cruise tickets.
  5. You dive into vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes without breaking the bank.

We're here to make sure your travel fits your dreams, and finding cheap flights saves you time and stress. Let’s make sure your travel dreams don't just stay dreams.

Premium Club for experts at finding cheap airfare

You’ll find many travel tools out there that help you with hunting cheap flight tickets. We get it. But we also know that you want more from your travels – more places, more adventures, more life. That's why we created Airwander Premium Club - your backstage pass to the ultimate flight hacking experience. Sure, anyone is welcome to airwander to find cheap flight connections to anywhere in the world. But with Premium Membership, you unlock a treasure trove of travel hacks:

  • Airwander Sky Cruises with up to 40 bonus cities
  • Round-the-world trips to be booked within minutes
  • Crafting customized tours without the cost of a travel agent
  • Direct links for discovering cheap tickets with airlines
  • Impact on airwander’s future - you decide where we move next

Thinking of joining the Airwander Club? It's a no-brainer for those who live to explore. Check out our Join Us page as a first step of joining a global community of globetrotters. Then, you’re ready to start planning trips that go beyond the ordinary. Let's make every vacation count, squeezing in as much world as we can. Because why settle for less when you can have the world?