Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 2022

  1. Who is Airwander and what does it do?
  2. In this Privacy Policy, “Airwander,” “we,” “our” and ‘us’ refer to QuestOrganizer Inc., registered in Delaware, USA, and “you” and “your” refer to you, the user of Airwander Website (henceforth “Website”). In addition to our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) provides an explanation of how we collect and handle your information on our Website and other services. If any amendments are made by us to this Policy, we will publish the latest version here.

    In this policy, you will find the terms such as “personal data” and “non-personal data.” Personal data refers to any information which can identify you as an individual, such as your email address, IP address or certain types of cookies. On the other hand, the non-personal data refers to non-personal identifiers and does not enable for you to be identified as an individual in the offline world. Non-personal data includes things such as anonymous user IDs, device types and IDs, browser types, and the types of functionalities of our Website selected by you while using

    This policy only applies to the data collected by Airwander. We are not responsible for and have no control over the collection or use of your personal data by any of the airlines or online travel agents to whom we provide links on our Website (“Travel Providers”). Your use of the Travel Providers’ websites is at your own risk. We advise you to familiarize yourself with privacy policies and terms of service of any Travel Providers you proceed with when leaving our Website.

    By using the Airwander Services, you are deemed to have agreed to our use of your information in accordance with this policy. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read through and contact us if you have any queries.

  3. What kind of data do we collect and how?
  4. In order to provide you with an adequate level of flight searching services, we have to collect, process and store the necessary information about you. However, we do not collect more than is required. There are three ways of data collection that take place on or via our Website.

    First, we collect information that you voluntarily provide to us during your use of our Website, for example, destinations and dates you ask us to run a flight search for. Whether you provide us with this kind information is always entirely under your control. Second, some data is generated automatically based on the device or browser that you use to access our Website, including your IP address, your device and browser types, the links to Travel Providers’ websites you select while leaving our Website. Third, we may occasionally receive certain information from third parties, based on your interactions with our Website. For instance, if you decide to create a user account on Airwander with an email address that is connected to your Google account, we will receive a name and surname that you used while creating your Google account.

    Based on your interactions with our Website, the data that is collected by us in three ways defined above can be divided into following categories:

    • Contact information - your email address, name, surname;
    • Device information - non-specific location based on your IP address;
    • User preferences & website usage - selected preferences related to your Airwander account, your flight search history, your saved flights, the names of locations you have added to your bucket list, your membership type, the links to Travel Providers which you have selected to exit our Website;
    • Communications - your help requests, feedback, emails, messages received by us via our Website, or other means of electronic communication, along with metadata (date and time) related to these communications.
  5. When is your data collected by or shared with the Third Parties?
  6. We may share your information for legal reasons, such as to prevent or detect fraud or any other illegal actives, or with regard to legally binding inquiries or legal suits against us, or to fulfil our Terms and Conditions or other agreements.

    We will also share your data when it is a necessary requirement that enables us to provide our services to you. Companies who assist us in providing our services will also collect and process your data on our behalf. We take reasonable measures to ensure that these companies collect, process and store your information in strict accordance with the applicable data protection regulations, and only for the purposes we have requested them to. The kinds of companies with whom we may share your information include but are not limited to:

    • Payment processing companies that conduct all the operations related to payments. The only type of payment that can occur on our Website are the transactions regarding the Airwander Premium membership fee, which are handled by Stripe. If you do not accept Stripe Services Agreement and Stripe’s Privacy Policy, please do not provide any of your payment details on our Website. Airwander does not collect, process or store any payment-related information;
    • Providers of software services that are essential to us to be able to deliver services to you;
    • Providers of data-aggregating and analytics services such as Google Analytics and Google Optimize that allow us to record non-identifiable user data to assist in optimization of our services based on your needs. This data may include information such as your browser type, device information, operating system model, etc.;
    • Email management and distribution systems’ providers such as SendGrid and Mailchimp, which are essential facilitation tools allowing Airwander to conduct electronic communication with our users;
    • Travel Providers’ websites, to which Airwander provides links on our booking page. Any information you submit as part of the booking process may be collected by Travel Providers for the purpose of processing your booking. Your information will be collected and used by Travel Providers in accordance with their own terms and conditions and privacy policies.

    In addition to the above, we also use Plausible Analytics to understand how our users interact with our Website. Plausible Analytics is a privacy-friendly web analytics service that helps us measure traffic and usage trends for our service. Unlike traditional analytics services, Plausible Analytics does not use cookies and does not collect or store any personal data or identifiable information about our visitors. This means that your privacy is respected and maintained while we gain insights into website performance and user engagement.

    The data collected by Plausible Analytics includes general information such as the pages visited on our Website, approximate geographical location based on IP address (aggregated to the city level), the referring site, and the frequency of visits. This data is purely for analytical purposes to enhance the user experience and website functionality and is processed in aggregate form, ensuring your individual privacy is intact.

    Since Plausible Analytics operates without cookies and complies with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR, it does not require user consent. Therefore, even if you choose not to accept optional cookies, we will still use Plausible Analytics to collect non-personal data about your interaction with our Website in a completely anonymous and non-intrusive manner.

    For more information on how Plausible Analytics works and respects user privacy, you can visit their website at

  7. How do we use your information?
  8. We use your information to understand and assess how people are using our Website, so that we could deliver and optimize the provision of services, functionalities, features and user experience you have requested. For these purposes, we may:

    • use your search data to assess the demand for locations and ensure that the flights we display match your search criteria. We may also use your search data to improve our algorithms and provide more accurate flight results to you (your contact information will not be used for these purposes);
    • monitor the number of redirections via booking links to Travel Providers’ websites to understand your needs and preferences, alongside with sharing with Travel Providers’ the information about you that is essential for them to deliver you the flights which you have requested via Airwander;
    • use a location from your IP address to predict which airport is likely to be used as your origin;
    • use cookies to keep track of your currency preference and other preferences related to the use of our website, such as locations that you have added to your bucket list, your saved flights, etc. to make our content more relevant to you;
    • assess the usefulness and popularity of features and functionalities available on our website based on the aggregate number of interactions and views;
    • contact you and respond to your requests via emails and notifications which are necessary for us to be able to deliver our services, such as information about your account creation, or to invite you to take part in user research sessions, including surveys, interviews or usability tests.

    We will ask you for your consent for the purposes that include:

    • recording your feedback that can be provided to us through feedback tab available on our website or during user research;
    • enabling performance cookies;
    • sending you newsletters.

    For the purposes that require your consent, you can decide to stop granting us your consent at any time. In order to do so, you can deselect performance cookies and newsletter subscription from within your user account with Airwander, or use “Unsubscribe” section at the bottom of newsletter emails which you have received from us.

    We comply with the Regulation No. 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (A.K.A. GDPR).

  9. For how long and where do we store your information?
  10. We only keep your information for as long is we need if it is related to the provision of our services to you, or for as long as it is required based on legal grounds. Your information is stored on secure servers in the United States. If you create an account with Airwander, and then decide to delete it, we will remove your personal data or any information that identifies you as a person, except for the data that we are obliged or allowed to keep for tax, accounting, security or other legal purposes.

  11. How do we keep your information safe and secure?
  12. Our team is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we make it our biggest priority to safeguard the confidentiality of any and all personal information you provide to us. We use TLS and HTTPS encryption to keep your information safe when it is being transferred via the internet.

  13. What types of cookies do we use and for what purposes?
  14. Our cookies can be divided into two categories - necessary and performance cookies.

    The necessary cookies cannot be deselected, as they are essential for the operation of our Website, such as:

    • _airwander_web_key - records an identifiable key to associate user sessions or logged-in users with Airwander to provide functionality, usability and customization;
    • _stripe_mid - a third-party cookie that is essential for payment processing.

    Performance cookies help us optimize the performance of our Website, improve the quality of the content that we provide to you and collect feedback from you. Performance cookies, installed via Google Analytics, will be used by us when you have provided your consent. You can withdraw your consent in your user account at any time.

  15. Do we use your information for advertising purposes?
  16. No, we do not.

  17. Your choices and rights
  18. You have the right to receive the details about the personal information we are storing and processing about you at any time, and make a request for your information to be updated or removed where applicable under the local legislation. If you wish to make such a request, please submit it via electronic means of communication or in writing, along with proof of your identity, to the address mentioned in How to contact us section below.

    If you have an account with us, you also have the right to delete it. Then, we will remove your personal data or any information that identifies you as a person, except for the data that we are obliged or allowed to keep for tax, accounting, security or other legal purposes.

  19. Children
  20. Our Website is not intended for children under 16 years of age, and no one under the age of 16 may provide any information to, on or via our Website. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 16, and will delete any that we learn we have collected or received that was not provided by, or with express consent on behalf of, the child’s parent or legal guardian.

  21. How to contact us?
  22. Airwander is a part of QuestOrganizer Inc., registered in Delaware, USA. To contact us, you are encouraged to email us via Also, you can send us a mail via postal services to 12004 Concow Rd, Oroville, CA, 95965, United States.