Add stopovers between any two cities!

Book separate tickets to travel more & save.

Get unlimited stopovers
Illustration of digital nomads who learned how to travel hack their flight tickets and are traveling rtw with layovers, stopovers & bonus cities to maximize their adventures

How to add stopovers on airwander?

  1. Enter your Origin and Destination.
  2. Choose your dates or click & drag to use flexible dates.
  3. Click ‘Add stopovers’ or use the red stopover icon.
  4. Customize your stopovers with filters such as Days, Non-stop, or Continents.
  5. Check prices of stopover cities to see how your itinerary cost is predicted to change.
  6. Add and remove different stopovers or adjust dates to get the best deal.
  7. Select your itinerary with stopover flights & apply filters to make it perfect for you.
  8. Book separate tickets to avoid hidden fees.
  9. Join Airwander Premium Club for unlimited stopovers and access to all airlines & OTAs.
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